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GL63. 2014-2016 buying advice

Looking at getting one of these.

No experience of these wagons

Rumor given to me was mechanical costs? Expensive to service ETC.

Not fused on fuel costs.

Any pointers what these are like to live with.


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Not had the GL63, but I did have the GL350d x166 model. Absolutely brilliant car, mine was very reliable, super quiet, and agile when required. Unlike the previous model they are all airmatic suspension now and drive good. Make certain you get one with active cornering control or active curve whatever it was called, it make the car do things that such a big and heavy car shouldn't be able to do.

It feels nowhere near as big to drive as it looks. Steering was actually easier than it is with my GLC43. And that leads to the point, we did find it a tad big at times for UK roads. Multi storey carparks can be intimidating but we managed. Parking at the Barbican for a concert made me open the sunroof, and lower the suspension in sport. I was that close to the ceiling. Hence we downsized, but part of me regrets it and wishes I kept it.

Another big plus is that it isn't an Range Rover If you are interested in one of these you know what I mean. It is not a common vehicle, it is special and makes you feel a bit special.

Good luck.
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We have an ML63 PP which is fundamentally the same car with 5 seats, and it's blooming brilliant.

It won't be cheap to run, but it's not bad value IMHO for a relatively new, relatively expensive, ridiculously fast car.

You don't see many current generation ML/GLE/GL/GLS at all, and 63s are very thin on the ground. I like the fact it's a left field choice these days.

Get one you won't regret it
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Agree with dejongj, though not a GL63, we have a GL350d also. Had it just over a year now, and aside from a recent issue which looks to have been fixed (traction control not liking different tyres front to back) it's a great car.

The comment about not being as big to drive as it looks is spot on. They are big, don't be mistaken, but they are easy enough to manouver around town and are a dream to drive on the motorway. The GL63 I assume will be even better

The pano roof is a great option and you have the luxury of 7 adult sized seats should you need them and a mahoosive boot if not. If you need it to tow they are also superb, we regularly pull a horse trailer with 2 large horses in and you can easily forget their behind.

Depending on the age, maybe see if you can get the dealer to do a service plan to fix the mechanical costs?

I believe they only produce 10 GL(S)'s a month for the UK market, so you will rarely see another one and less so the '63.

Tyres wear pretty quickly due to the weight and are not cheap given their 21" size and I guess the GL63 will lunch them even quicker, just something to bear in mind. I think the GL63 has active suspension as standard, I do sometime regret not speccing that on ours, but it took it just that bit too far above budget.

Let us know how you get on

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Car: Here:GL350, BMW 335dx Gone: LR D4, BMW 520d, RRSport
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Edit above: Pano roof also gives you the rear third row window opening (from the drivers door only - they hinge open from the C pillar) which is a nice feature, especially on hotter days if you don't want the roof open.
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A few of the footballers around here have one - they go like stink and sound good with it. Ask me how I know......

A ML (164) with V8 diesel and Brabus chip is a quick old girl but the GL63 "blows it into the weeds"
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